Portrait & Contemporary Photography weekend workshop covering both studio and outdoor portraiture, with a creative twist.

There will be a heavy emphasis on practical application, rather than learning theory and that is why it is suitable for people who already know the basics and are familiar with their cameras.

Day 1


We will talk about inspiration, connecting with your subject, how to plan your photoshoot, why  styling is important, importance of lighting and how to create the final image you desire. We will also talk briefly about technical aspect, such as which lens to use and why, camera settings, and whether or not a lot of equipment is necessary.


Practical application includes working with an experienced model in a studio and also on location. The main purpose of the day is to get used to working with a subject, learn to give directions regarding posing, develop a keen attention to detail, see beyond what is presented in front of the camera, thinking before you press the shutter release and creating your image in your head before shooting. Everyone will have their own one on one time with an experienced model to practice.
A short editing workflow will also be covered after the practical side of the day.

Day 2

We will start from analysing your chosen photos from the previous day, what could be improved, what to avoid. There will be no theory covered on this day, it will be fully practical to get the most out of it. We will show you what is involved in creating a photoshoot, including make up & styling, location scouting, posing, light and making it all come together. Again we will work with a model and after the photoshoot we will have a quick review of your outcome and Q&A session.

There will be a private Facebook group set up for a further communication so we do not finish our education here, hopefully your exciting adventure with photography is only just beginning.


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